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New Year Priorities – Medical Newspaper

By Shelby Kinnaird

2018 is the yr I cease making New Year’s resolutions.

What are resolutions anyway? Basically, you promise to disclaim your self one thing you like or to begin doing one thing you hate. You can keep it up for a brief time frame, however then you may have a demanding day and all bets are off. Next comes the guilt.

Why put your self via that?

Instead, this yr I’m going to set targets. I’m going to ensure they’re affordable issues I wish to accomplish and might truly obtain if I put aside an satisfactory period of time. No pie within the sky stuff this yr. I’m going to interrupt my targets down into chew-sized nuggets and I’m going to get them accomplished, darn it. There’s one thing about altering the terminology from “resolutions” to “goals” that makes me really feel extra optimistic.

For instance, let’s say I’ve a self-sabotaging fondness for French fries (hypothetically, after all). I might say my decision is to by no means eat these salty, crispy morsels of deliciousness once more. I’d fail. Not that I eat French fries typically, however simply saying that I wasn’t going to eat them once more would make me crave them. So I’d eat them. And I’d really feel unhealthy (each bodily and emotionally).

What if, as a substitute, I stated I’m setting a aim to decide on carbs which might be excessive-fiber and stuffed with vitamins? I’d break it into the next duties: itemizing carbs that match my standards, making a couple of meal plans that incorporate these carbs, looking for substances, and making ready the meals. Instead of obsessing over the truth that I used to be depriving myself of French fries, I’d be specializing in discovering tasty methods to take pleasure in candy potatoes, quinoa, lentils, and acorn squash.

See the distinction? What a mindset shift!

2018 goes to be an excellent yr.

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